The Ready Writer

The Ready Writer, better known as Annetta T. Swift, was born in 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio to Rev. John and Gloria Coates. She relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1988 and there she finished her high school education graduating from South West Dekalb High School in 1989.

Annetta Swift is a phenomenal author interested in giving the readers a refreshing look at writing from a realistic point of view. Her writings are thought provoking, humorous, and bring hope to her readers. To date she has written 23 novels and one book of poetry. Several of her books, “Bully Me Not”, “A Taste of Love”, and others are now sold at the Nubian Book Store in Jonesboro, GA. “Bully Me Not” is also being used in several schools in Atlanta as a resource in the afterschool program through WINGS for Kids Organization.

Annetta’s talents go further than book writing; She also acts, is a playwright, and serves as one of the leaders of the drama team “Fresh Manna” at her church. Annetta also travels with her comedy team, “Hattie and Essie & Company”, where she stars as Essie Mae Banks. This team brings laughter and healing to crowds young and old. She once served as Editor-in-Chief of Living Faith Tabernacle's newsletter, "The Vain Jaingler". She's also received a humanitarian award in Cultural Arts and Music.

Annetta has directed the play written by Carl Davis, “I’ve Had My Chance” at the illustrious Legacy Theater in Tyrone, GA. She has also written a host of plays. seven of which were performed at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center, “Caught Up”, “Love Under New Management” , “Where Do We Go From Here?”, “The Transition House”, and “Dawn of a New Day” to name a few. Annetta has served as the "Drama Therapy Coach" for Diamonds & Pearls Empowerment Group. There she taught and trained teen girls the art of theater and play writing. In 2012, she partnered with and established a drama club at Tussahaw Elementary School in Henry County (GA), “Let's Act Up Drama Club”. They performed one of her plays “Bully Me Not”, addressing the epidemic of bullying in schools nationwide. Annetta has also partnered with Thomas Pinnacle Learning Center teaching their students the ins and outs of public speaking, acting, using their imagination and their God-given creativity.

Most currently, she has started a foundation which is a 501c3, Bully Me Not Foundation Inc. The organization has been established to raise awareness on bullying and to share its resources and books as a tool to save lives globally. Annetta presently resides in Hampton, Georgia with her husband Rodney and their daughter, Syrinthia.